Star Wars Darth Vader - Double Vader All the Way! - 20 Ounce Stainless Steel Tumbler

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Double Vader all the way! The only thing more spine chilling than one Darth Vader is....absolutely nothing! But it's fun to have 2 Darth Vaders anyway. So, that's what we did here. 2 Vaders so when your worst enemy tries some funny business, you just flash this double Vader tumbler at them and they'll back the Mustafar off! Maybe they will, maybe they won't...but you're still cooler than them when you have a tumbler with 2 Vaders, right?


P.S. If your worst enemy also gets a double Vader tumbler, just come back here and ask us to make you a ..........TRIPLE VADER TUMBLER!!! (echo effect on voice)