Ghostface Horror Movie Scream Trilogy 20oz Sports Water Bottle Style Skinny Tumbler with Lid & Straw

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Introducing our Ghostface Scream Trilogy Collage 20oz Sports Bottle Style Skinny Tumbler a chilling tribute to the horror genre and a standout addition to your daily routine. If you're a die-hard Scream fan, this tumbler is your opportunity to sip in sinister style and pay homage to the iconic Ghostface.

Embrace the Horror Legacy: Dive headfirst into the heart-pounding suspense of the Scream franchise with our spine-tingling collage. Using the mesmerizing art of sublimation printing, we've reimagined the movie posters from the first three films. Each design is a unique masterpiece, featuring the deranged serial killers lurking ominously in the background. Say farewell to ordinary drinkware our sublimation process ensures vivid, enduring imagery that won't fade or peel over time.

Food-Grade Stainless Steel: Your safety is paramount. Our tumblers are meticulously crafted from premium 18/8 stainless steel, making them 100% food-grade and ready to accompany you on all your thrilling adventures. Sip your favorite beverages with complete peace of mind.

The Art of Insulation: Our tumbler isn't just a tribute to terror; it's a master of functionality. Thanks to its vacuum double wall design, it excels at insulation. Whether you're savoring a hot beverage while immersed in Scream's suspense or enjoying a cold drink during those spine-chilling moments, our tumbler maintains your drinks at the perfect temperature. Expect up to 6 hours of piping hot sips and bone-chilling refreshment it's the ultimate thrill for your taste buds.

Handle with Care: While Ghostface may be fearless, the tumbler prefers gentle care. Avoid the dishwasher and microwave they're not in its repertoire. Give it a loving hand wash, and your Ghostface Scream Trilogy Collage tumbler will be your eerie companion for years to come.

Elevate your daily routine with the sinister allure and cinematic chills of our Ghostface Scream Trilogy Collage 20oz Skinny Tumbler. Whether you're at home, the office, or seeking the perfect gift for a fellow horror aficionado, this tumbler is the ultimate fan accessory. Make each sip a tribute to the twisted world of Scream order yours today and let the screams continue!

*** Includes (1) 20 oz tumbler with silicone non-slip base, 1 straw, 1 spill-proof lid with handle